How to install window graphics professionally

Posted by eric sun on

If you're looking to apply window graphics or vinyl lettering to your business or personal space, it's important to do so carefully to avoid any unsightly wrinkles or bubbles. Follow these tips for a professional-looking window vinyl installation.

Start by cleaning the surface area thoroughly with a branded glass cleaner to ensure no debris or dirt is trapped underneath your decal. Then, create a soapy water mixture by adding a few drops of washing up liquid to a spray bottle with 1 liter of water. This will act as a lubricant to prevent the adhesive from sticking immediately, making it easier to squeegee down without trapping any air or wrinkling the graphic.

When positioning your graphic, tack the top to the clean area and use a piece of masking tape to hold it in place. Take a few steps back to make sure it's in the right location and use a spirit level or measuring tape to ensure it's straight. Cut a wide piece of tape the same length as the graphic and place it at the top. If you lift the bottom of the graphic, keep the top in place with the tape, like a hinge.

To remove the liner, lift the graphic from the bottom and remove the protective plastic/paper from the graphic's reverse. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side with your hands. Lightly spray the surface of the glass and the adhesive side of the graphic with the soapy water mixture, then slowly lower the window decal over the sprayed surface, starting from the top downwards.

Use your squeegee to force out any excess water under the graphic, starting from the center and moving outwards with firm pressure to squeeze out any water and air from underneath. Once all bubbles and wrinkles are removed, remove the tape from the graphic outwards, being careful not to pull your decal away from the glass.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to create a professional-looking window vinyl installation without any wrinkles or bubbles. One-way window vinyl is also a great way to turn your windows into advertising space for your business or personal brand.