3M Adhesive vinyl(ij35C)

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With a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive and air release channels for simpler, bubble-free application, film series IJ35C is a 3.2 mil vinyl film. It is intended for screen printing, latex, solvent, and UV-based piezo inkjet printing as well as applications where promotional graphics are needed for short- to long-term indoor and outdoor use and require a high-quality film.

Here's a general interpretation based on common industry conventions:

  1. Adhesive Vinyl:

    • Adhesive vinyl refers to a type of vinyl material with an adhesive backing. It is often used in the production of stickers, decals, labels, and other graphic applications. The adhesive allows the vinyl to stick to various surfaces.
  2. IJ35C:

    • The "IJ35C" designation could be a specific product or model number assigned by a manufacturer. In the realm of adhesive vinyl, different designations often represent variations in material composition, adhesive strength, finish, and intended use. It's possible that "IJ35C" is a specific type or model within a product line.

For accurate and detailed information about "M Adhesive Vinyl (IJ35C)," it's recommended to refer to the product documentation provided by the manufacturer, the supplier's website, or contact the supplier directly. Manufacturers often provide technical specifications, usage guidelines, and other relevant details for their products. If there have been updates or new releases after my last knowledge update in January 2022, checking the latest sources would be advisable.