Acrylic Cutout Letters and logos

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Acrylic signage are a lovely and affordable substitute for glass ones. They provide limitless customising possibilities. signs appear as polished and professional as an acrylic sign. These plastic signs resemble classic glass in style and look, but they are more robust, less expensive, and simpler to instal. They are also quite adaptable. Any design or trademark may be printed on them, and they can also be cut into any form with curves, fashionable fonts, and other unique features.

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Typeface classes for Monospace, Script, Serif, Sans Serif, and Display typefaces.


A serif is a stroke that is added to the start or end of one of a letter's major strokes. Serif typefaces are those that have serifs on them. There are four different types of serifs: Old-Style, Transitional, Modern, and Slab.

classifications of serif fonts. Garamond, Baskerville, Bodoni, and Clarendon are the first four fonts in order of style.

Sans Serif

The term "sans serif typeface" refers to a typeface without serifs and comes from the French word "sans," which means "without." Transitional, Humanist, and Geometric sans serif styles can all be categorised.

classifications of sans-serif fonts. Transitional Gill Sans, humanist Helvetica, and geometric Futura are the three fonts.



Monospace is a typeface that uses uniformly sized characters throughout.

Type classification for monospace. Source Code Mono, Courier, and Space Mono are the first three monospaces.



Script typefaces resemble handwriting in a natural way. There are three types of scripts: Black Letter, Calligraphic, and Handwriting.

categorization of script types. 3 Handwriting: P22 FLW Midway; 1 Black Letter: Linotext; 2 Calligraphic: Mackinac 1895.


Display (Decorative)

Typefaces that fall outside of the previous categories are grouped together as display typefaces, commonly referred to as decorative typefaces. They are often used for displays and are best suited for huge point sizes.

Type classification for displays (decorative). Eclat, Bauhaus, and lobster are displayed in order, from left to right.