White Alu Panel / Dibond

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Dibond or alu-panel is a lightweight, rigid and durable aluminum composite material. Dibond consists of two strong sheets of .012" aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. This material is ideal for mid-to-long term outdoor signs as it is not prone to warping, yellowing, or cracking in high heat. Great for use in Post & Rail signs or wall signs.

White Alu Panel, often referred to as Dibond, is a type of composite material commonly used in signage, display, and printing applications. Dibond is a brand name for a specific type of aluminum composite panel, and it's often used interchangeably with the term "White Alu Panel."

Here's a breakdown of the components of a White Alu Panel or Dibond:

  1. Aluminum Sheets: Dibond typically consists of two thin sheets of aluminum that sandwich a solid polyethylene (PE) core. The aluminum sheets provide durability, rigidity, and a smooth surface for printing or displaying graphics.

  2. Polyethylene Core: The core of Dibond is made of polyethylene, which is a type of plastic. The core adds strength to the panel while keeping it lightweight.

  3. White Finish: The term "White Alu Panel" indicates that the aluminum sheets on both sides of the panel have a white finish. This provides a neutral and clean surface that is often used for printing high-quality images, text, or graphics.

Key features and applications of White Alu Panel / Dibond include:

  • Rigidity: Dibond is known for its rigidity and stability, making it suitable for outdoor signage, displays, and architectural applications.

  • Weather Resistance: The aluminum construction makes Dibond resistant to weather and UV exposure, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Printability: The smooth, white surface of Dibond is ideal for direct printing or mounting printed graphics, making it a popular choice for signage and displays.

  • Versatility: White Alu Panel / Dibond is used in a variety of settings, including retail signage, exhibition displays, architectural cladding, and more.

When considering using White Alu Panel or Dibond, it's important to choose the appropriate thickness based on the intended application, as Dibond panels come in different thicknesses to suit various needs.