Black Foam Board 3/16"

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Black Foam Board is a lightweight but strong board made of two sheets of papers on each side of a foam core. It is especially suitable for indoor point of purchase, art works, menus, directional/informational and trade show signs. 

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Black foam board with a thickness of 3/16" is a type of rigid and lightweight display board commonly used for various artistic, educational, and presentation purposes. Here are some key features and details:

  1. Material: The board is made of foam sandwiched between two layers of paper or lightweight plastic. The foam core gives the board its rigidity while keeping it lightweight.

  2. Color: The surface of the foam board is black, providing a solid and uniform color that is suitable for creating visually appealing displays and presentations.

  3. Thickness: The foam board has a thickness of 3/16", which is relatively thin. This makes it easy to handle, cut, and mount, making it a popular choice for projects where a thinner board is sufficient.

  4. Versatility: Black foam boards are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including mounting photographs, creating signage, crafting presentations, and building models. The black color can enhance the visual impact of the content displayed on the board.

  5. Ease of Cutting: Foam boards are often easy to cut with a sharp knife, making it convenient for customizing shapes or sizes for different projects.

  6. Presentation: The smooth and uniform surface of the black foam board provides an excellent backdrop for presenting images, graphics, and text. It is commonly used in art and design projects, science fair displays, and business presentations.

  7. Lightweight: The lightweight nature of foam boards makes them easy to transport and handle, making them a practical choice for various applications.

Overall, black foam board with a thickness of 3/16" is a versatile and cost-effective material suitable for a range of creative and practical projects where a thin, lightweight, and sturdy display board is needed.