Printed Bollard cover 4mm coroplast

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Our custom-printed bollard or lamppost wrap covers are crafted to provide impactful advertising displays in a space-efficient manner. Constructed from sturdy and weather-resistant fine-fluted 3mm Correx polypropylene, these three or four-sided bollard covers can withstand the elements, allowing you to keep them outdoors throughout the year.

Featuring graduated tabs, these wraps require no tools for assembly and can be effortlessly secured over bollards our printed bollard sleeves enable you to select the perfect dimensions for your desired display location.

Ideal for advertising on high streets, outside retail establishments, garage forecourts, footpaths, roadsides, and construction sites, these printed bollard covers offer practical and efficient promotional solutions. Suitable for various industries, they are both straightforward and durable, providing versatile advertising opportunities in diverse settings. 

bollard covers - trangle template