Coroplast Signs 4mm 6mm 8mm

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Coroplast, also known as corrugated plastic, is the sign blank of choice for inexpensive and quality custom sign making. Coroplast is a lightweight, durable corrugated plastic material able to withstand the elements for extended periods of time. Coroplast provides inexpensive professional looking promotion of your company, and is easily secured to windows, doors or walls, exterior or interior surfaces.


Coroplast Signs with thickness options of 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm are versatile and lightweight signage solutions made from corrugated plastic material. Here's an overview of each thickness option:

  1. 4mm Coroplast Signs:

    • Material: Made from corrugated plastic, a durable and rigid polypropylene material.
    • Usage: Ideal for temporary indoor and outdoor signage, such as event signs, directional signs, or promotional displays.
    • Printing: Customizable with digital or screen printing for graphics, text, and logos.
    • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle.
  2. 6mm Coroplast Signs:

    • Material: Similar to the 4mm option but with a slightly thicker construction for increased durability.
    • Usage: Suitable for medium-term outdoor signage, real estate signs, election signs, and various promotional displays.
    • Printing: Provides a larger surface for detailed printing and customization.
    • Weight: Balances durability with a manageable weight.
  3. 8mm Coroplast Signs:

    • Material: Thicker and more robust than the 4mm and 6mm options, offering enhanced durability.
    • Usage: Suited for long-term outdoor applications, construction site signage, or durable promotional displays.
    • Printing: Allows for detailed and vibrant printing, making it effective for conveying various messages.
    • Weight: Heavier than the 4mm and 6mm options, providing increased stability.

Key Features (Common to All Thicknesses):

  • Weather Resistance: Coroplast material is resistant to weather conditions, making these signs suitable for outdoor use.
  • Affordability: Coroplast Signs are a cost-effective solution for temporary signage needs.
  • Customization: All thickness options can be customized with graphics, text, and colors to suit specific messaging requirements.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of applications, including real estate signage, event promotions, directional signs, and more.

Whether you need a lightweight option for short-term use (4mm), a balance of durability and weight (6mm), or enhanced stability for long-term outdoor exposure (8mm), Coroplast Signs provide a flexible solution for a range of signage needs