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Banner mesh is a familiar sight for applications like construction signs and building wraps, valued for its ability to let wind pass through and offer some transparency. However, a hidden gem of its potential lies in the world of in-ice graphics.

In-ice graphics are a high-impact advertising medium that can attract premium sponsorship from organizers of curling, hockey, and skating tournaments. This presents a new revenue stream for some clubs, while for others, it offers significant advantages over traditional methods. Unlike those methods, digitally printed banner mesh is reusable, cost-effective, and simple for ice resurfacers to install. Additionally, it doesn't disrupt the ice temperature regulation process.

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In-Ice Graphics Installation Guide:


  1. Cure the Graphics: Let your printed banner mesh graphics sit unrolled for at least 24 hours. This ensures proper air circulation and complete curing.

Ice Rink Preparation:

  1. Plan the Placement: Ice resurfacers typically install graphics between the first and second ice layers.

  2. Shave the Ice (Optional): If needed, lightly shave down the designated area where the graphics will be placed to ensure a flat surface.


  1. Position the Graphics: Carefully lay the banner mesh in the prepared area.

  2. Secure the Graphics (Initial Freeze): Use a pressurized sprayer to apply a fine mist of water over the entire graphic, extending 12 inches beyond the edges. Allow this water layer to freeze completely, securing the graphic in place.

  3. Secure the Graphics (Final Freeze): Dip a clean paint roller in water and roll it over the entire graphic, again extending 12 inches beyond the edges. Let this water layer freeze to fully secure the graphic.

  4. Complete the Ice Surface: Apply the second layer of ice on top of the secured graphic.


  1. Verify Placement: Once the ice has frozen, thoroughly inspect the area to ensure the graphic is properly set at a safe depth for the intended uses of the ice surface. Check for any cracks or weak spots in the ice over the graphic.

  2. Ongoing Maintenance: After the first use of the ice, and routinely before and after resurfacing, reinspect the area around the graphic to ensure everything remains secure.