Life sized standee - double sided

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Colorful frames behind which guests can pose for photos. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, try hand held Instagram frames. These simple cut outs can be held in the posers’ hands Life sized standee.


A life-sized standee, double-sided, is a promotional display typically used in advertising, marketing, or events. Let's break down the components of this term:

  1. Life-Sized Standee:

    • Size: "Life-sized" indicates that the standee is designed to represent the actual size of a person or character. It is often used for human figures, celebrities, characters from movies, or any other subject matter where presenting a full-size image is desirable.
    • Standee: A standee is a freestanding display that stands on its own, usually made of cardboard or foam board. It is commonly used for promotional purposes in retail spaces, theaters, events, or other locations where attention-grabbing visuals are needed.
  2. Double-Sided:

    • Design on Both Sides: "Double-sided" means that the standee has graphics or printed content on both the front and back sides. This feature allows the standee to be visible and attractive from multiple angles, making it suitable for placement in areas where people may approach it from different directions.

Key Features of a Life-Sized Standee, Double-Sided:

  • Realistic size for human figures or characters.
  • Freestanding, often with a support structure to keep it upright.
  • Printed graphics or images on both the front and back sides.
  • Typically made from materials like cardboard or foam board.
  • Used for promotional or advertising purposes in various settings.

Life-sized standees are commonly employed in retail stores, movie theaters, promotional events, and trade shows to attract attention and engage audiences. The double-sided feature enhances visibility and ensures that the standee remains visually appealing from various viewpoints. These standees are popular for promoting products, movies, or brands in a visually impactful way.