Car Magnet 30pt

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Printed on a strong magnet stock, Car Magnets are a fantastic way for your customers to brand their company automobiles by placing their logo or design on their vehicle doors. 

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A Car Magnet with a thickness of 30pt refers to a type of vehicle signage or advertising material. Here are the key features and details:

  1. Material: The car magnet is typically made of a flexible magnetic material that adheres to the metal surface of a vehicle, such as the doors or rear panel.

  2. Thickness: The thickness is specified as 30pt, which stands for 30 points. This measurement indicates the thickness or gauge of the material. A 30pt car magnet is relatively thick, providing durability and stability for outdoor use.

  3. Printable Surface: The surface of the car magnet is designed to be printable, allowing for the application of customized graphics, text, logos, or promotional information. The printed content is usually applied using weather-resistant inks.

  4. Easy Application: Car magnets are known for their ease of application and removal. They can be easily attached to the vehicle's metal surface and can be removed without causing damage.

  5. Versatility: Car magnets are a versatile form of mobile advertising. They are often used for business advertising, political campaigns, or personal expression, allowing individuals and organizations to promote messages or brands on the go.

  6. Weather Resistance: A car magnet with a 30pt thickness is typically designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that it remains effective and visually appealing even when exposed to outdoor elements.

  7. Removability: Car magnets can be removed and repositioned as needed. This makes them a temporary and non-permanent form of vehicle signage, suitable for individuals or businesses that may want to change or update their messaging.

In summary, a Car Magnet with a 30pt thickness is a durable and customizable magnetic material designed for outdoor use on vehicles. It provides a practical and temporary solution for mobile advertising and personal expression.