Mesh Banner

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Mesh Banner

Outdoor, construction site, fence banner

Worried about windy conditions while holding the event outside? 

Our mesh banner would be the great way to address that windy weather, the material is engineered for building wraps, fence graphics, barricade graphics. The banner’s mess weave let the wind blow through in order to minimize the pressure of the object which is attached to. 

  • Mesh weave lets air through, minimizing wind effects
  • Durable mesh material, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Especially made for Building wraps, fence graphics and barricade graphics.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are mesh banners made of?A: We use PVC-coated 9.59-oz. polyester thread to create a 70-30 mesh weave. This means that 70% of the banner’s surface area is covered with material. The remaining 30% is made up of small holes that let the wind pass through.

Q: How long will my custom mesh banners last?

A: About 2 years on average. Please note a banner’s lifespan can vary based on how often you display it in direct sunlight, how often it’s used in the rain and whether it’s properly hung.

Q: Can I print on both sides of my banner?

A: No. We only offer 1-sided printing right now.

Q: I have a design that includes a lot of fine detail. How will it print on mesh?

A: While the mesh weave is great for windy conditions, the 70-30 weave means that color looks slightly less vibrant, and fine details may not be visible. A better match may be our vinyl banners – we’d recommend.

Q: Are grommets included on my banner? How big are they and what are they made of?

A: Yes. These mesh signs come with included metal grommets, each a half inch (0.5”) in diameter.

Q: How many grommets come with my banner and where are they placed?

A: Metal grommets are placed along the top and bottom of mesh banners, about two feet apart. (Please note that you cannot request changes to the number or placement of grommets.)

Q: Do mesh banners have seams?

A: Yes. The banner is made of one piece of fabric, so we fold over the edge and add in a stitched hem to reinforce the edges. This helps keep mesh signs looking crisp and polished after many uses.

Q: How much will my mesh banner weigh?

A: The weight of your vinyl banner will vary by size. Here are a few examples:

  • 1.7’ x 3’: About 1 lb
  • 2.5’ x 6’: About 2 lbs
  • 8’ x 10’: About 8 lbs

Q: Q: Can I order a custom size?

A: Yes – you can email us at to upload your image and size, our customer service team would help to assist you

Q: Are mesh banners flame-retardant?

A: Yes. The banner weave is NRPA701-certified.


Stock Type Mesh banner
Color Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)
Quantities Ranges from 1 to 10
Sizes 23" x 12" - 120" x 300"
Cut to size, Gromets, Hemming are optional
File Type Print Ready PDF, JPG file,