Metal A Frame

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These signs are a portable and easy to use marketing tool that captures the attention of passing customers.


A Metal A-Frame, also known as a metal sandwich board or metal sidewalk sign, is a type of outdoor signage typically used for advertising and promotional purposes. It is called an "A-Frame" due to its shape, resembling the letter 'A' when viewed from the side. Here are key features and details about Metal A-Frames:

  1. Frame Material:

    • Metal A-Frames are constructed using metal materials, commonly aluminum or steel. The metal provides durability and stability, making the frame suitable for outdoor use.
  2. A-Frame Design:

    • The A-Frame design consists of two connected panels that are hinged at the top, allowing the sign to open and close like a book. The shape provides stability and allows the sign to stand on its own without additional support.
  3. Double-Sided Display:

    • Metal A-Frames typically have double-sided display capabilities. This means that the sign can showcase information, graphics, or messages on both sides, maximizing visibility from different directions.
  4. Insert Panels:

    • The sign often has insert panels where printed graphics, posters, or sign inserts can be placed. These inserts can be easily changed, allowing for versatility in messaging or promotions.
  5. Portability:

    • Metal A-Frames are designed to be portable. They are relatively lightweight, and some models may have handles or built-in wheels for easy transportation.
  6. Outdoor Use:

    • The metal construction of A-Frames makes them suitable for outdoor environments. They are weather-resistant and can withstand exposure to the elements.
  7. Versatility:

    • Metal A-Frames are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including advertising specials, promotions, menu displays for restaurants, directional signage, event announcements, and more.
  8. Stability Features:

    • Some Metal A-Frames may include stability features, such as locking mechanisms or additional weight options (like sand or water-filled bases), to prevent the sign from tipping over in windy conditions.

Metal A-Frames are popular for businesses, retailers, restaurants, and event organizers looking for a durable and portable solution for outdoor signage. They provide a cost-effective way to attract attention and communicate messages effectively, especially in high-traffic areas.