Perforated vinyl - View thru

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View-Thru film allow stunning graphics on one side and a clear, unobstructed view from the other. Virtually all glass surfaces now have the potential for maximum visual impact. It is the perfect window-graphics media for indoor/outdoor advertising, including vehicle and building wraps, POP, retail and commercial window signage, corporate identity and much more. A removable adhesive for applications ensures no sticky residue is left behind on the application surface. Durable and water resistant.
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Perforated vinyl, commonly known as "View-Thru" or "See-Thru" vinyl, is a specialized type of adhesive vinyl material designed for window graphics and displays. The unique feature of perforated vinyl is that it contains a pattern of small holes, allowing a clear view through the material from one side while displaying graphics on the other side.

Here are key features and details about perforated vinyl - View-Thru:

  1. Material: Perforated vinyl is typically made from flexible and durable vinyl material. The surface that faces outward is printable, allowing for the application of graphics, images, or text.

  2. Perforation Pattern: The vinyl is perforated with tiny holes arranged in a pattern that maintains the integrity of the printed image while allowing light and visibility through the material. The holes are usually small enough to be inconspicuous from a distance.

  3. Graphics Printing: Perforated vinyl is compatible with digital printing techniques, enabling high-quality and full-color graphics to be applied to one side of the material. This makes it suitable for vibrant and detailed window displays.

  4. View-Through Effect: From the inside of a building or vehicle, individuals can see the outside world clearly through the perforated vinyl, creating a view-through effect. However, from the outside, the graphics on the vinyl are visible.

  5. Sunlight and UV Resistance: Perforated vinyl is often designed to be resistant to sunlight and UV rays, ensuring that the graphics remain vibrant and do not fade over time.

  6. Applications: Common applications of perforated vinyl include window graphics on vehicles, storefronts, buses, and other glass surfaces. It is often used for advertising, branding, or decorative purposes.

  7. Privacy: While providing an effective platform for advertising or promotional messaging, perforated vinyl also offers a degree of privacy to the occupants on the inside.

  8. Installation: Perforated vinyl is typically installed on the exterior of windows using an adhesive backing, ensuring a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Perforated vinyl - View-Thru is a popular choice for businesses and advertisers looking to utilize window spaces for promotional purposes while maintaining visibility from the inside. It strikes a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and privacy.