Perforated vinyl - two way View thru

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Similar to regular perforated vinyl, instead of having adhesive at back, this material has adhesive at front, so the vinyl is applied inside the window and viewing from outside .It is an ideal option for second floor advertising, or where the front front window is hard to access. 

Perforated vinyl refers to a type of vinyl material that has been perforated or punctured with small holes. This material is commonly used for various applications, particularly in the signage and graphics industry. The perforations in the vinyl create a pattern of small holes that allow for visibility through the material.

Perforated vinyl is often used for window graphics, vehicle wraps, and outdoor advertising. When applied to windows or surfaces, the perforated nature of the vinyl allows people on one side of the material to see through it while still displaying printed graphics or text on the other side.

The primary benefit of perforated vinyl is that it allows for the creation of visually striking graphics without completely obstructing the view through windows or surfaces. This makes it a popular choice for businesses, advertisers, and individuals looking to add branding or promotional messages to windows or vehicles without sacrificing visibility.

It's important to note that the level of visibility and the quality of the printed graphics can vary depending on factors such as the size and density of the perforations, as well as the distance from which the material is viewed.