Popup Backdrop -13oz banner with Velcro

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Pop up media wall comes with Smart Pop Up Aluminum Banner Frame which can be set up in the blink of an eye or as easy as setting up a campaign chair.

Print option:

13oz Banner - Most economical choice, but print can only be rolled in 8ft or 10ft depends on your option, bit hard to transport.

Fabric Banner- Banner can be folded like bed sheet, easy to transport and store.   


A Popup Backdrop with a 13oz banner and Velcro refers to a portable and versatile display system commonly used for events, trade shows, or promotional activities. Here are the key features and details:

  1. Popup Backdrop System: This refers to a framework or structure designed for easy and quick setup. It often includes a collapsible metal frame that "pops up" into position, providing a stable structure for the display.

  2. 13oz Banner: The banner material is typically made from a durable 13-ounce vinyl material. This weight is common for outdoor and indoor banners, providing a good balance between durability and manageability.

  3. Velcro Attachment: The use of Velcro (hook-and-loop fasteners) on the banner allows for easy and secure attachment to the popup frame. This facilitates quick installation and removal, making it convenient for changing or updating the display content.

  4. Printability: The banner material is designed for high-quality digital printing. This allows for the customization of the backdrop with vibrant graphics, logos, text, and images to suit specific branding or promotional needs.

  5. Portability: Popup backdrops are known for their portability. The collapsible frame and lightweight banner material make them easy to transport and set up at different locations.

  6. Versatility: Popup backdrops are versatile and can be used as a background for various events, including trade shows, conferences, red carpet events, photo booths, and more.

  7. Durability: The 13oz banner material is durable and can withstand the rigors of regular use. It is often resistant to fading and can maintain its visual appeal over time.

  8. Size Options: Popup backdrops with 13oz banners and Velcro attachments come in various sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate different display spaces and preferences.

Whether used for promotional purposes, creating a branded backdrop, or enhancing the visual appeal of an event space, Popup Backdrops with 13oz banners and Velcro offer a convenient and professional solution for a variety of applications.