PVC / Sintra 3mm & 6mm

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PVC is lightweight yet rigid and durable, it is ideal for medium-term signs for use both indoors and outdoors. It's commonly used for menu boards, point of purchase, and tradeshow.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or Sintra with thickness options of 3mm and 6mm refers to rigid, lightweight, and versatile plastic material commonly used for various applications in signage, displays, and construction. Here are key features and details about PVC/Sintra with 3mm and 6mm thickness:

  1. Material: PVC, also known by the brand name Sintra, is a closed-cell PVC foam board. It provides a combination of durability, rigidity, and ease of use.

  2. Thickness Options:

    • 3mm: This thickness is relatively thin and flexible. It is suitable for applications where a lightweight and cost-effective solution is preferred, such as indoor signage, displays, or temporary signs.
    • 6mm: With a thicker construction, the 6mm option provides more rigidity and stability. It is commonly used for a variety of applications, including outdoor signage, exhibits, point-of-purchase displays, and more.
  3. Printability: The smooth surface of PVC/Sintra is printable, allowing for high-quality graphics, text, and images to be applied. Both 3mm and 6mm options are suitable for digital printing.

  4. Versatility: PVC/Sintra is versatile and can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes. It is commonly used for signage, displays, exhibition stands, model making, and other creative applications.

  5. Rigidity: While 3mm is more flexible and lightweight, 6mm provides increased rigidity. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of the application.

  6. Durability: PVC/Sintra is resistant to water, chemicals, and weather, making it durable for both indoor and outdoor use. It maintains its appearance and does not warp over time.

  7. Lightweight: Both 3mm and 6mm options remain lightweight, making them easy to handle, transport, and install.

  8. Color Options: PVC/Sintra is available in various colors, providing flexibility for different design and branding needs.

Whether you choose the 3mm or 6mm thickness, PVC/Sintra remains a popular choice for applications where a combination of strength, versatility, and printability is required.