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Get attention even in the dark.

How is my banner still seen at night? 

Reflective banner is the perfect solution and it works great in the dark just like a traffic sign. Our Reflective banner surface is especially engineered so that it reflects light, your banner won't be missed when vehicles pass by at night.  This banner material is a perfect option for temporary traffic signs, commercial land for sale signs, general signs along the regional road, highway suburbs. Also it can be used at an indoor party, the reflective banner would be definitely adding some extra fun.

  • Get more attention at night without any electric source.
  • Reflective banner works just like a traffic sign.
  • perfect option for temporary traffic signs, commercial signs, signs at highway or suburbs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Will the banner glow at night?

    A: No, the banner itself doesn’t glow. It reflects light from any light source to make it visible at dark.

    Q: What’s the maximum width of the banner?

    A: the maximum print width is 4ft wide but can be up to 25ft in length. If you’re looking for a banner larger than that, we recommend you to choose the 13oz banner. 

    Q: My design has a lot of detailed content, letters are small. It is good idea to print on reflective banner material?

    A: The short answer is No. we don’t recommend reflective banner material to have detailed and small letters. The banner surface is like honeycomb patterns and the flutes run the whole surface of the banner, so some detail may fall between the flutes.