Static cling poster

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Window Clings are made with a durable material that uses static electricity to stay in place. Our Window Clings do not use adhesive, so they can be removed and re-used again and again, and won't leave a mess on your windows, mirrors or glass surface, as well as plastic and baked enamel finishes. Perfect for store front windows, car windows, mirrors and more!

Here are some key characteristics of clear static cling:

  • Adhesion through Static Electricity: Clear static cling decals adhere to surfaces due to the static charge created between the material and the smooth surface, like glass or plastic.
  • Removable and Reusable: One of the advantages of static cling is that it can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving any residue. This makes it a popular choice for temporary signage or seasonal decorations.
  • Transparency: The term "clear" indicates that the material is transparent or see-through. This is often desirable for applications where you want the decal to be visible but still allow light to pass through, such as window displays or car decals.
  • No Adhesive Residue: Since static cling decals don't use adhesive, they don't leave any sticky residue behind when removed. This is particularly useful for applications where a clean removal is important.

Common uses for clear static cling include window decals for businesses, promotional displays, holiday decorations, and temporary signage. It's a versatile material that provides a visually appealing and flexible way to convey messages or decorate surfaces without a long-term commitment.