Styrene 20pt 30pt 40pt 60pt

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Styrene signs are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to transport. They are ideal for retail signage, restaurant displays/menu boards, trade shows and conventions. 

Styrene is a type of plastic material that is commonly used in the printing and signage industry for creating durable and rigid substrates. In the context of printing, the numbers associated with "Styrene 20pt, 30pt, 40pt, 60pt" typically refer to the thickness or gauge of the styrene sheets in points.

In the printing industry, a point is a unit of measurement used to express the thickness of paper or other materials. One point is equal to 1/1000th of an inch. Therefore, a 20pt styrene sheet is 0.02 inches thick, a 30pt sheet is 0.03 inches thick, a 40pt sheet is 0.04 inches thick, and a 60pt sheet is 0.06 inches thick.

Styrene sheets of different thicknesses are used for various applications. Thicker sheets, such as 60pt, provide more rigidity and are suitable for applications where a sturdier material is required, such as in the production of durable signs or displays. Thinner sheets, like 20pt, may be used for applications where flexibility or lighter weight is more important.

It's worth noting that the actual properties and applications of styrene sheets can vary, and they are often chosen based on the specific requirements of a printing or signage project.