Telescope Backdrop -13oz banner with Top & bottom pocket

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This black expandable Telescope backdrop can be set up instantly for trade shows, local fairs, store promotions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars. The whole stand is lightweight,durable,easy to transport with an soft carrying case.

A "Telescope Backdrop" typically refers to a type of banner or backdrop display that features a telescopic or adjustable frame for easy setup and customization of the display size. The "13oz banner" part refers to the weight of the banner material, often measured in ounces per square yard. A 13oz banner is a common and versatile weight for banners, offering a good balance between durability and flexibility.

The "Top & Bottom Pocket" indicates that the banner has pockets sewn at both the top and bottom edges. These pockets are designed to accommodate a support structure, such as a telescopic frame or poles. The top and bottom pockets make it easy to slide the banner onto the frame, providing stability and tension to keep the banner taut and in place.

In summary, a "Telescope Backdrop - 13oz banner with Top & Bottom Pocket" is likely a banner system designed for events, trade shows, or other settings where a backdrop is needed. The telescopic frame allows for adjustable sizing, and the 13oz banner with top and bottom pockets ensures easy installation onto the frame, offering a professional and customizable display solution. These backdrops are often used for promotional events, conferences, or any situation where a portable and visually appealing background is required.