Telescope Backdrop -Fabric banner with top & bottom pocket

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This black expandable Telescope backdrop can be set up instantly for trade shows, local fairs, store promotions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars. The whole stand is lightweight,durable,easy to transport with an soft carrying case.


A Telescope Backdrop with a Fabric Banner featuring top and bottom pockets typically refers to a display system used for events, trade shows, and promotional activities. Here's a breakdown of the key components:

  1. Telescope Backdrop:

    • A telescope backdrop generally refers to a display structure with telescoping or adjustable features. This allows the backdrop to be set up at different heights, making it adaptable to various spaces and preferences.
  2. Fabric Banner:

    • The fabric banner is the visual component of the backdrop. It is a large piece of fabric designed to display branding, logos, or other promotional graphics. Fabric banners are often chosen for their high-quality printing capabilities and durability.
  3. Top & Bottom Pockets:

    • The top and bottom pockets are features on the fabric banner where a rod or pole can be inserted. This allows for easy attachment and suspension of the banner from the telescope backdrop frame. The top and bottom pockets provide stability and help maintain the tautness of the banner.

Key Features:

  • Adjustability: The telescope backdrop allows for height adjustment, making it versatile for different spaces and display preferences.
  • Fabric Banner: The fabric banner offers a professional and customizable display surface for branding and promotional graphics.
  • Top & Bottom Pockets: These pockets facilitate easy attachment of the banner to the backdrop frame, ensuring a secure and taut display.

How to Use:

  1. Adjust the telescope backdrop to the desired height.
  2. Insert a rod or pole through the top and bottom pockets of the fabric banner.
  3. Attach the banner to the backdrop frame using the top and bottom pockets.

Telescope backdrops with fabric banners and top/bottom pockets are convenient solutions for creating visually appealing and branded displays. They are often used in various settings where a professional and adaptable backdrop is needed, such as trade shows, conferences, or stage presentations.